In 1962, the then Bishop of (the former) Mt. Kenya Diocese, the late Obadiah Kariuki, had a vision for young people. He established the Anglican Youth Organization (AYO) with the main aim of bringing the young people back to the mainstream of the Church of Christ.

In 1964, the bishop launched the Diocesan Anglican Youth Organization at the St. Paul’s Mother Church, Kabete and he commissioned a Youth Committee to carry on the extension work in the Diocese. During the following Provincial Synod, all the other Bishops agreed to start AYO in their dioceses. The name was changed from AYO to KAYO so as to cover the whole country.

During the formation of the youth organization, Bishop Kariuki stressed in his teaching, the following as the Mandate of KAYO:

  • ~To relate to and respect the young people as persons
  • ~Help the young people develop a positive self-image in Jesus.
  • ~Accept young people as they are (1st Cor 9:22)

Establish a close relationship with the young people. (1st Thes 2:8), He encouraged being with them, rather than be like them.

Provide spiritual authority to the young people through working with them, and not just for them.

KAYO has been established in every diocese and most have a full-time youth worker assisting the committees to plan their activities. The membership comprises of youth above the age of 18 to age 35, mostly unmarried. The KAYO leadership organizes for conferences at both the Diocesan and Provincial level to bring together Anglican youth to be taught about faith and their personal Growth.

KAYO members initiate projects which earn them an income and also provide employment. These include shoemaking, making and selling tablecloths and even building houses to be rented out among others. The members also receive training in entrepreneurial skills and are encouraged to pursue education.

The KAYO Motto is “Be strong in the Lord”. KAYO has produced lay leaders, church leaders at all levels, and faithful church followers.

This is a department in the Province called KENYA ANGLICAN YOUTH ORGANIZATION

Aims and Objectives

  • ~To bring young people to know, to love and serve Jesus Christ as saviour and Lord.
  • ~To build up young people in the knowledge of the Christian faith, the Bible being the foundation.
  • ~To educate young people in good Christian character and to encourage them to be good leaders of our church and community.
  • ~To help the church to understand its responsibility towards young people.
  • ~To work in close partnership with other Anglican provinces, churches and organizations with sound Christian doctrine in Kenya and abroad.
  • ~To empower young people to live responsible and meaningful lives morally, socially and economically.

Motto “Be strong in the Lord”‘    Eph 6:10


 I promise to serve Jesus Christ al! the days of my life, to pray and read the Bible each day, to serve the Lord and to reach out for the other young people; to have fellowship with other Christian people especially K.A.YO members and to abide by the rules of the group,

K.A.Y.O Prayer:  -Teach us good Lord to serve you with all our strength, body soul and mind. To offer our services without counting the cost. We pray that your Holy Spirit will give us courage to fight against the wicked spiritual forces by the help of your word. To labor in your vineyard, looking forward to internal life, in the name of the lather, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.