What is KAMA?

Kenya Anglican Men Association (KAMA) is an association for men in the Anglican Church of Kenya that was formed with a view of bringing all Anglican men together into a living personal relationship with God. The Provincial KAMA received the recognition and blessing of the Provincial Synod in July 2001 when the Late David Gitari was serving as the Archbishop.

The highest organ of KAMA is the Provincial KAMA coordination Office in Nairobi. Immediately below the Province are the Diocesan KAMA offices based at the Diocesan Headquarters. Individual Parishes then establish KAMA departments which are the operational units for KAMA yaani mashinani.

Every man is encouraged to join the association.


Kama Objectives

  • ~To promote God’s kingdom and to set forth His glory
  • ~To help its members to grow in spirit, mind and body, and be mature in faith for every good work
  • ~To encourage members to play an active role in the mission of the Church
  • ~To encourage Christian principals in National, Civic and Community life
  • ~To encourage members to undertake acts of Christian service for the distressed, disadvantaged and the disabled
  • ~To encourage members to use the gifts God has given them as a steward of God’s varied glace
  • ~To encourage members to use their resources in supporting the work of the church at all levels
  • ~To encourage Anglican lay men and women to play positive roles in political, social and economic life of the nation
  • ~To honour the institution of marriage as ordained by God and to promote Christian family values
  • ~To promote Christian fellowship, love and unity in the church and society and promote spiritual enthusiasm among members.

Motto “But as for me my household, we will serve the Lord’’ (Joshua 24:15b)


Main Activities that KAMA Engages In

The Kenya Anglican Men Association addresses the men’s role in the church leadership and development, community leadership, economic empowerment and family life.

The department in many places organizes meetings where thematic areas such as men and their role in mentorship are discussed. Other contemporary issues that affect men and the church include Matters of youth, HIV & AIDS, environmental degradation, among others. In the meetings, men discuss and formulate remedies to these issues.

KAMA conducts regular learning and bonding sessions during Seminars, educational and bench marking tours, retreats and goat eating ceremonies. During these activities men share experiences and are motivated.

When was KAMA started in ACK Section 58 Parish?

The Association is as old as the Parish. Indeed it was started in the year 2005 at the creation of ACK Section Parish from Cathedral Parish where the men had been members of KAMA.  The Parish encourages all men to be active members of KAMA.