The Anglican Church is Episcopal Church governance and synodically led.  This means that it is headed by Bishops.  The church maintains a system of geographical parishes organized into Dioceses.  Kenya as a province is headed by a primate of the church- The Archbishop who is also the Bishop of All-Saints Diocese Nairobi. The current primate is The Most Rev. Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit.

Each Diocese is divided into Archdeaconries, each headed by an Archdeacon, who is a Priest.

The Archdeaconries are further subdivided into Rural Deaneries headed by a Rural Dean also a priest

Rural Deaneries are subdivided further into Parishes headed by a Rector (Vicar). Parishes are subdivided into local churches headed by a Lay-reader.

Section 58 Parish is in the Diocese of Nakuru and has two local churches:

  • ~All Saints Hyrax and The Church of Grace Parklands

Currently the Diocesan Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph .K. Muchai.  The Parish Rector is Rev. Joseph .K. Maina and the Curate is Rev. Grace .W. Kinyanjui

Currently the parish has four Lay-readers:-

  1. Susan .A. Mbugua
  2. Daniel .M. Nding’uri
  3. Alice .W. Muiruri
  4. Remson .K. Lyimo

Every parish have a governing council known as Parish Church Council (PCC)

For proper governance we have other departments and committees under the PCC.

i) Parish Finance and Development Committee

ii) Parish Executive that comprises of:-

    1. The Rector (Vicar)
    2. The Curate
    3. The Vice-chairperson
    4. The Secretary
    5. The Treasurer
    6. The Finance and Development Chairperson